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Geddington & Newton Bowling Club was formed in 1983 when a number of local residents each put in £1.00 to get the club started. In 1984/5 enough money was raised to start construction on the green at Geddington. Our club has gone from strength to strength over the years since then and now boasts one of the best greens in the county consistantly being awarded an A grade over the last ten years.

Geddington & Newton Bowling Club play friendly games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, after the game a meal is provided and it is usual to treat your opponent to a drink at the bar. Friendly games are also played on Tuesday or Thursday evenings after these games the bar is of course open.  The T & T club meet every Tuesday & Thursday afternoon for an organised roll up with no food provided. This is a very good place to learn to play the game of bowls, everyone is welcome.

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